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By : Dr. Mahmud Hadi Riyanto[1] and Musthofa, S.H.I., M.H[2]

The Supreme Court is a public institution, within the Indonesian justice system. The Supreme court committed in making changes in order to provide services to the public. Optimization of information technology is a demand for justice institutions. Services to the community must be transparent and accountable. The commitment is written in the Blueprint of the Supreme Court of Indonesia Republic 2010-2035.

Case Search Information System (SIPP) is a web-based technology application. SIPP provides case information to the public. SIPP as an effective and efficient working media for the court internally. People easily get case information updates, quickly and cheap.

The Director-General of Religious Courts, (DitjenBadilag), routinely publishes the SIPP report. It was published through the official website of the Directorate General of Religious Court www.badilag.mahkamahagung.go.id. SIPP rank competition is an innovation from the Directorate General of Badilag since October 2018.

SIPP rank publications, conducted every week. Psychologically, this publications makes the big effect to the chiefs, judges and employees. The SIPP rank is the performance of the work units, which is recorded and recapitulated by the system. The career trajectory of the Religious Courts apparatus is determined by achievements, it can be detected through the SIPP rank.

Dr. Drs. H. Aco Nur, S.H., M.H., as the Director General of Religious Court always remind the leaders of the Religious Courts to improve SIPP report in every giving direction and guidance. The SIPP report is a fixed price. SIPP reports are non-negotiable. SIPP rating is proportionate to the provision of excellent service for the society. The public has the right to get excellent service from the court.


[1] Spokesman Judge of Soreang Religious Court

[2] Judge of Bajawa Religious Court



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